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In 2000, Charles "Chip" Giordano opened Chip's Place in Hannawa Falls, New York.  A veteran meat cutter, he was determined to make Chip's Place more than a gas station, and started cutting and selling fresh, high quality meats.  Over time, he expanded the offerings to include a changing selection of fresh seafood.

After twenty years of running the shop every day, Chip decided it was time to slow down, and sold the store to its neighbors- Ed and Michala Betz.  On January 1, 2020, the store opened with new owners, but largly unchanged.  

Ed, Michala and their kids live in Hannawa Falls.  As loyal customers of Chip's Place, they know firsthand the unique asset that it is in our community, and want to ensure the store's continued success, while adding more varieties of meat, offering several varieties of oysters and clams, a wider range of seafood and adding Boar's Head deli offerings.  

Ed is also a partner at the Carlisle Law Firm, P.C., and can be found here.

Chip Giordano
Ed and Michala Betz
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